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"An Anchor Provides Stability and Confidence in an Otherwise Uncertain Situation"
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We know the difficulty of losing a loved one.  We are here to help you.

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Probate is the Judicial Process that “proves” a Will

A Will is a formal legal document that names an executor to manage your assets when you pass away.  It describes who is to receive your assets and belongings, and in some cases, who should be the guardian of your minor children or other dependent family members. 

To know that your Will is the final express of your wishes, it is distributed to your heirs and reviewed by the probate court.  If no one objects to the Will that is offered for probate, or submits an alternative Will to the court, the Will is usually approved, and the Executor is given authority to manage your estate.

Georgia has a simple and easy probate process, and there are many government resources to help those who do not wish to hire an attorney.  However, even with these resources, the process can be confusing.  We offer flexible services and will do as little or as much of the administration as you wish.

For example, we offer a fixed fee service, meaning we will charge you a fixed amount that will not change.  This service includes providing 1) a written summary of the estate planning documents, 2) a written checklist of tasks that must be completed to administer the estate or trust, 3) preparing a Petition to Probate the Will, and 4) providing additional attorney time for follow up questions.

We also offer Comprehensive Estate Administration for those who would like us to handle the estate from beginning to end.

We know the difficulty of losing a loved one, and we want to be a resource and a guide.  Please schedule an appointment today.  We are here to help.

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