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My Mission and Why I Strive to Keep Prices Low //
Many attorneys rely on volume to increase their profits, hiring staff to communicate with clients and perform the legal work.  This may include a receptionist, paralegal or junior attorney.  With this business model the attorney you hire has very limited time to give you, because he or she must make enough money to pay their staff, overhead and make a profit for themselves.

Susan Floyd Law is not a "volume" practice.  I want to get to know you and develop a long term relationship with you.  My goal is to become your trusted advisor.  

I offer flexible pricing because I firmly believe that legal services should be available and accessible to anyone who needs legal help.  This is my calling to service and I will go above and beyond to shepherd you through the process because I love getting to know my clients and helping them. 

Estate Planning Services //

Core Plan: Every estate plan includes a Will, a 2-3 page outline of your Will summarizing its terms, a Financial Power of Attorney, an Advanced Directive for Health Care, and a letter summarizing your estate plan, including beneficiary designations for life insurance and retirement plans.   A Core Plan for a married couple is typically $1500-$2500.  A single person is typically $1000-$1500.  

Additional Services: In addition to a core plan, we may also provide additional services by drafting a revocable trust, a life insurance trust, a special needs trust, deeds, or other estate planning documents. Additional Services may cost an additional $250 - $1500, depending on the number and complexity of the documents needed to create the estate plan.

Probate Services //

Flexible Pricing:  We recognize that every client has unique needs.  Some families wish for their attorney to handle every aspect of an estate administration and some families wish to do some tasks without the assistance of an attorney.  We offer flexible services and will do as little or as much of the administration as you wish.

Fixed Fee Petition and Estate Administration Outline.   We offer a fixed fee service for clients who want help understanding the estate plan, including what tasks must be accomplished to administer the estate, and help with preparing the court petition to probate the will.  In these situations, we will provide: 1) A written summary of the estate planning documents, 2) A written checklist of tasks that must be completed to administer the estate or trust, 3) prepare a Petition to Probate the Will, and 4) provide one hour of attorney time for follow up questions.  The typical cost for this service is $2000.

Comprehensive Estate Administration.  Comprehensive Estate Administration is typically billed hourly.  Upon request, we can also agree to a fixed fee for this service.  Depending on the situation, a comprehensive estate administration may include any of the following:
  • Locating and communicating with family members and/or heirs Locating assets owned by the deceased
  • Obtaining death certificates
  • Preparing court filings
  • Determining and paying the legal debts of the estate
  • Obtaining a tax ID for the estate
  • Distributing the assets pursuant to the Will or other beneficiary designations
  • Preparing deeds to transfer real property
  • Establishing trusts created under a Will
  • Filing a Petition for Year's Support
  • Obtaining a release and discharge for the Executor administering an estate

Legal Services //

Fiduciary Compliance
The cost for Fiduciary Compliance and Court Petitions varies based on the complexity and time commitment.  After the initial consultation, you will be provided with a fixed fee price, a price based on our hourly rate, or a blended rate.  We will work with you based on your needs and circumstances.
Business Formations
 This service is billed hourly.
Charitable Entity Formations
This service is billed hourly.
Discounted Services
We offer discounted services based on financial need and circumstances. 
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