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When should you consider a prenuptial agreement?
     1.     If you have greater income and assets than your future spouse and you wish to protect the property that you are bringing into the marriage.
     2.    Your future spouse has significant debt and you wish to ensure that you will not be responsible for the debt he or she brings into the marriage.
     3.    You were previously married and you wish to protect your children from a previous marriage and/or other family members that you wish to support.
     4.    If you own a business, and especially if you co-own a business with others, you may wish to protect the business in the event the marriage ends.
     5.    If you decide to leave the workforce to raise children, your long-term ability to earn money may be negatively impacted.  A prenuptial agreement can ensure that you are financially protected in the event the marriage ends.
     6.    To protect your estate plan, otherwise your spouse may make a claim against the estate.
At Susan Floyd Law, we can walk you through the process and ensure that your interests are protected.
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